Binary package of LXQt 0.17 for Lubuntu 20.04 available?

Hi. I am running Lubuntu 20.04 and want to try the latest LXQt without upgrading the OS or compiling by my own. Are the binary package available?

Lubuntu 20.04 LTS uses the LTS version of Qt5 (5.12.8) which can’t run a later LXQt than already provided with that release.

The safest way to use (or just test) LXQt 0.17 on Lubuntu, is to use (or test) Lubuntu impish indri (21.10) which is currently in final or RC form.

(by final or RC (release-candidate) I’m using the terminology found in the Ubuntu ISO tracker, however there can be multiple final or RC images, so what you download right now may change before final release)


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