Auto disconnect from WiFi

I do torrenting on my Laptop and always leave it connected to internet, for seeding files. But after installation of Lubuntu (20.04), it seems that the WiFi auto disconnects after 1.5 days average.

When I used Windows 8, I sometimes kept seeding it for a month and it didn’t cause any problem. So I think it might not be a hardware issue. And Lubuntu doesn’t have driver issues AFAIK.

Any solution please? :neutral_face:

The first thing I would check is the nm-tray settings. For the WiFi connection under the “General” tab check if the “metered connection” is set to “no”.

You might also want to try using a static IP address for the WiFi connection.

How do I set static IP?

Open nm-tray - go to IPv4 settings and enter the settings you will use…here is an example from one of my machines…


I know almost nothing about IP address. Any help on what values do I set up for?

This is going to depend on the settings in your router (or DHCP server).
I am sorry but if you are not familiar with IP addressing and DHCP & DNS I would rather not advise you to tamper with those settings.

Did you check if the “metered connection” is set to “no”? Did you try that as a solution?

Maybe someone else on the forum has a better suggestion.

Even I am facing a similar issue, but I did not see this post so created a new one with every single detail. I checked, and "metered connection” is set to “no” for mine, trying the IPv4 setting, will update in an hour.

I recommend going through the youtube link below, there are a lot of explanation though, but I find this quite precise.Tutorial video for Ip addressing and subnet masking


Even setting the static IP did not help. Got disconnected after 40 minutes. Did the setup for IPv4 at 12:02 AM, then connected to the network.

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Is this still a problem?