Atualização 19.10 para 20.04

Não estou conseguindo atualizar da versão 19.10 para 20.04. Qdo peço pra atualizar via linha de comando não é encontrado nenhuma versão nova.

Sorry I don’t speak Portuguese.

I’ll point you to (our manual and it’s detail on upgrading).

Key blockers I’ve experienced with upgrade are

ie. both my points are the same, both relate to a system that isn’t fully-upgraded but due to different issues.

The other issue I’ve had before was 3rd party sources (PPA etc) that used package versions that made release-upgrade impossible; I’ll refer you to & use the use of ppa-purge maybe handy (Ubuntu Studio’s release notes give some details, ).

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Obrigado, eu já tinha olhado o manual e não deu certo, eu usei o comando **
sudo do-release-upgrade -d
** e meio que deu certo. Também não falo inglês.

My suspicion is you’ve added 3rd party PPAs or other sources which have created issues for your release-upgrade.

Without the messages it’d be hard to help, and I’d struggle anyway due to language barrier.

I’ll instead suggest

Local communities are usually smaller, so may not be as fast, but may be easier. I can try and help if you’re stuck.

Also note: try it without the -d as 20.04 isn’t in development anymore. Yes it’s required straight after release as a ‘tap’ gets turned on allowing upgrades from prior 19.10 release, the -d required before then… but I’m unsure if that tap has been turned yet.


Você pode simplesmente mudar os repositórios, para os novos, esperar alguns dias, para fazê-lo simplesmente com “sudo do-release-upgrade” ou fazer uma instalação limpa, pois a versão LTS tem três anos e uma reinstalação é melhor se é possível.

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