Another 20.04 Beta Bug - shutting down doesn't work, only logs out instead


  • 20.04 beta iso downloaded on on April 9th 2020
  • installed
  • things changed from default:
    1. in Session Settings, enabled and started Compton
    1. in Window Effects, switched to GLX
    1. Opacity of title bars, menus and inactive windows in Windows Effects set to 1.00
    1. new software installed: Veracrypt using generic installer from (I don’t know if this is relevant or not, I don’t know how Linux works tbh, and if the ‘packages’ interact with the OS
    1. in Power Management, closing lid set to Suspend on AC and Shutdown on Battery


  • shutting down from the ‘start menu’ doesn’t shut down, it just logs me out and takes me to the login screen. happens on both AC and battery.
  • on the login screen, what looks like a shutdown/off button also does nothing. Also the other two buttons next to it do nothing too.
  • I could find literally no way to shut down so I had to resort to a hard shutdown

Again, sorry if this isn’t the right way to report bugs but whatever. Maybe someone could just take this report and file it the right way. I don’t see any point in filing some technical report because I’m not techie at all, just a normie trying to escape from Windows 10 and who hates an unmoveable top bar (Ubuntu, Mac).

I’ll provide

which allows you to file on your actual system.

Telling us when you downloaded it isn’t very useful, today is ~lunchtime Good Friday (10-April) for me, but it may not be for you… To avoid this we generally use UTC/UST/GMT day/times, but you may not have used that in providing your ‘date’ of download.

If you use ubuntu-bug and the correct package, or the catch all lubuntu-meta (package; which can be changed if necessary), your hardware details are gathered, along with specifics of the ISO you downloaded and used, and this information is automatically added to the bug report.

If I file the bug for you, you will need to add that information manually, as the automatic tools (apport-collect) can only be run by the initial filer, and me running them would gather details from my own hardware which I bet won’t be the same as yours.

I thus encourage you to file your bug(s) via launchpad, the Ubuntu bug tracker.

My first link will be the most useful, but the generic Ubuntu page is (the commands and detail applies equally to Ubuntu and all flavors, but it’s missing the package details that are specific to Lubuntu found in the first link I provided).