An application (picket) has the generic icon in the panel

I installed picket (GitHub - rajter/picket: Native linux screen color picker with custom format output) but in the panel it shows a generic icon:


The picket icon, in the system, is located to /usr/share/pixmaps/picket.svg

As icon theme I use ePapirus-dark; how to set, in the panel, the proper icon?

I use Lubuntu 23.04.

EDIT: Also in the *.desktop file I had to set the full path to the icon ( /usr/share/pixmaps/picket.svg) because if i just leave “picket”, the icon is not displayed.

Kind regards.

Solved: I had to copy picket.svg in ~/.icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/, then, in Task Manager settings, I had to check the option “Use icons by WindowClass, if available”:


Now the icon is properly displayed in the panel, and in the *.desktop file can I just set the icon by the name and no longer by full path.

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