Advanced installation option (for 20.04) keeping only /home intact / untouched

Would like to migrate a Ubuntu MATE 20.04 machine that I had setup 2 months back, to Lubuntu 20.04. My disk partitions (all ext4) are like this:

  • /var – mounted to a logical partition on HDD
  • /tmp – mounted to a logical partition on HDD
  • /home – mounted to a logical partition on HDD
  • / – mounted to my SDD
    I am very happy with the above partitioning and mount arrangement.

I would like to do a complete reinstall of Lubuntu 20.04 on this desktop, wiping clean (erasing) everything else, except /home. I’d prefer to avoid re-partitioning, if feasible.

What installation / disk partitioning option could I choose to ensure this ?


This link is for MATE, but it’s the same for you - and pretty straightfoward.

Basically, you pick “something else” during the partitioning phase and you don’t tick the box to format /home. It’s pretty straightforward.

So long as you don’t opt to format your /home partition, you’ll be all set and things should go as you’re expecting.

EDIT: Please see the comment below mine. It’s named a bit differently (and looks a bit different) in 20.04’s installer.


FYI: Something else is called Manual Partitioning in the calamares installer.

Sixth image from the manual page on installation, ie.


Thanks! I forgot they changed the installer. I’m being grumpily stuck on 18.04 (out of personal choice). I’ve bookmarked said link so that I remember.

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