Add more area to "grab" to resize windows?

Hello all,

Love the distro. On 20.04 right now. However, one minor gripe I have concerns windows. I need to frequently resize them, but I’m finding it difficult to actually “grab” the sides or corners. There seems to be no margin for error; I need to be exactly on the pixel the border passes through to grab it.

Is there any way I can add a bit of wiggle room so I don’t have to spend the extra few seconds getting my cursor perfectly over the border?


First, I would urge you to consider that you can use hot keys anywhere in the window to initiate resizing, which would eliminate the need to grab the border at all. Just like you can Alt-left click to move a window, you can Alt-right click to resize it.

That said, you can easily change this. It’s managed by the window manager, which is OpenBox. The themes folder is /usr/share/themes/ThemeName/openbox-3. Each theme has a themerc and should have a border.width value that you can increment however many pixels you like and then run openbox --reconfigure for it to take effect.

To know which theme to change, go to Preferences → LXQt Settings → OpenBox Settings → Theme.

For more information on OpenBox theming, see the upstream docs.

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