Add a group to user

I am trying to add a group to my top level account. I am logged in as top user. I go to users and group settings

Select the user, click groups, find group and select the group, then press OK. It asks for password and I enter it.

Then it says “Error executing command as another user: Not authorized”

What am I doing wrong???

It’s a bug of some kind. See here for an explanation and a solution.

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So I should just use the command window (Qterminal) to change/add users until the bug is fixed???

I am an old retired DOS/Windows users and I was sure that I was causing the problem.

Initial learning Linux (Lubuntu) can be very frustrating for an old guy like me. I chose Lubuntu because I am using very old PCS (all 64 bit).

Would I be better off using Ubuntu 20 instead of Lubuntu???

Right, just use the terminal. It’s a lot like DOS, but a lot easier.

Ubuntu will likely not have this problem but it will come with a very heavy footprint which will likely be a bad idea for an old computer.

Think about it like this: you can spend a bit more effort creating and modifying users (which I’m sure you’ll only have a need to do a small fraction of the time) and in return get a much faster computer for the regular, every day tasks you need it for.

Sounds like I would be better learning Lubuntu.

I know it sounds silly to you but DARN Linux is hard to get my head around.

I am a little confused as to why several of the applications listed in the standard apps on bottom left popup menu do not work???

THANKS for the help. I would simply be LOST without the help. :-((

We’re here to help, so no problem. Eventually this will all make sense :slight_smile:

Regarding your other issue, could I ask you to create a new topic on the subject? Pictures or videos would be helpful to understand it fully.

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