A Right Way To Install?

I’ve been wondering if there is a right way, and a wrong way to install software.

Quite often I will install a program, then find the next one I want and install that. In Discover Software Center there doesn’t seem to be any other choice. In Muon of course there is the choice of selecting several programs and then clicking the apply button, installing them in one go, but is that the right way?

My thinking is that installing several at once, especially if they have shared dependencies, causes less strain on system.

Any thoughts? :thinking:

There’s no right or wrong way but a PREFERRED way, if you use Discover you can install several ones, you can start installing one, search for the next one and click install. Whatever way you feel comfortable with is the right way (Muon, Discover, terminal)


Thanks for replying :grinning:, I guess it is down to personal choice and each method will have its own pro’s and cons. I think I prefer to use Muon where possible just because it tells you what other bits and bobs are needed to run the chosen program. Discover only seems to tell you how many dependencies are needed, rather than what they are.


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