4 pop-up windows when connecting phone

I am using lubuntu for sometime and loving it. When I connect my phone to my computer, 4 pop-up windows open before I do anything else which is a kind of surprise to me. And I looks like this

which I find unnecessary.
If anyone wants to share any opinion, I will be happy :slight_smile: to know.

Are you using an Android? I think my last phone asked me how I wanted to connect to my PC when I did connect.

Does anything weird show up on your phone?

Do you have to click OK on each window to put them away?

Thank you so much @That_Random_Guy for swift reply. Yes, mine is an android device. And no, my phone doesn’t show anything weired. I just expect it to show one pop-up window instead of four.
I have to either close or open each of these individually which results nothing important. I mean the pop-up window should come to inform a user if any device is connected to the computer where just one is enough.
Anything else like a pendrive or a memeory card upon connection shows one pop-up which is perfect.

This may not be the solution you’re looking for, but I’ve just disabled all those prompts. In my case, Android will pop up two different prompts - once when it’s plugged in and once when I click ‘allow’ on the phone to give the PC access to the phone. So, I just disable it - after all, I know when I’ve plugged in a device and I know what I want to do with it.

Also, I’m not sure if you’re using PCManFM-Qt. I use PCManFM from 18.04. So, it’s in my preferences that I disabled this. It looks like this:

As you can see from the image, you can even adjust it for different media types. I’ve never felt compelled to use that feature, so I’ve no idea.

And, again, this may not be the solution you’re looking for. Someone else may come along with more info.

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