20.10 is officially released!

I put it here, 'cause it’s not really a question or anything.

But, I just got an email from the Lubuntu list that 20.10 is official. It just arrived in my inbox a few minutes ago. In it, was a link to the blog.




Dan’s post was sitting in a moderation queue waiting for me to approve it, and I’m so tired it took me some time to notice it (I’m a walking zombie).

Being spread around the globe, all our timezones are… (also the moment I’d posted the fridge notice, I let myself ~stop fighting sleep)


Ah. I got the notice and noticed it hadn’t mentioned here yet, so I figured I’d toss it into offtopic as I was pretty sure something official would come down the pipe.

I don’t usually respond to them, but I do subscribe to the Lubuntu mailing lists. I’ll post something once in a blue moon. I’ve been subscribed for quite a while now, probably at least 5 years.

The next few releases should be short-term and then 22.04 will be LTS again, yes?

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Yep, 21.04 (hirsute), 21.10 (i) before 22.04 LTS (j) ,

Ubuntu release every 6 months (April & October) with only one exception; the first LTS which was late (6.06 LTS came out in June).

I didn’t get the 6.06. I didn’t start using Ubuntu until 8.04 and didn’t stay with it all that long. I did a lot of ‘distro-bouncing’ back then.


You were using Ubuntu before me then :slight_smile: I only used GNU/Linux distros back then (ie. GNU in the name) so really Debian only. My first Ubuntu was 10.10 really so I was late, and missed the 9.10 karmic koala :frowning: (being an aussie, I’d have liked to have started there!)


I started the Ubuntu career with Gutsy Gibbon (7.10), and dist-upgraded to Hardy Heron (8.04 LTS), and after that I have stayed with LTS versions for my main working computer. But I have tested most versions.

(Before Gutsy I tried Red Hat. This was when it was free of charge. At that time my main system was still running Windows. Before that I had been using Unix at work for big simulation programs.)


I was in the Windows land at work, so mostly used Windows at home. I treated Linux more as a hobby OS for quite a few years. My most frequently used distro would have been Mandrake and sometimes Knoppix. I’d also used Slackware and RedHat.

I got REALLY lucky and sold my business in 2007. I pretty much immediately started moving away from Windows.