20.04 Preferences > Desktop Preferences > Desktop manager is not active

Just recently I upgraded to 20.04 LTS, now I tried to install a picture on the desktop, but as I clicked on “Preferences > Desktop Preferences” the following message is displayed:
“Desktop manager is not active.”
I would appreciate any help to solve this issue.
Many thanks in advance.

I see you didn’t read the part of the release notes where it says:

Note, due to the extensive changes required for the shift in desktop environments, the Lubuntu team does not support upgrading from 18.04 or below to any greater release. Doing so will result in a broken system. If you are on 18.04 or below and would like to upgrade, please do a fresh install.

Everything post-18.04 is a complete paradigm shift. We’re using LXQt instead of LXDE and practically every application has changed. The look has changed, the menu layout has changed— basically everything has changed.

But having done the unsupported thing and upgraded 18.04 to 20.04, you know have both paradigms installed on your machine. Unraveling all that is not going to be easy, at the least. Because we don’t support this, you’re kind of on your own. You should really backup your $HOME and do a fresh install.

P.S. the menu structure you describe is from 18.04 as is the warning (from pcmanfm). In 20.04, it’s Preferences → LXQt Settings → Desktop and it won’t complain regardless of whether or not pcmanfm-qt is managing your desktop or not.


Thank you wxl.
Then I wonder why they offer this upgrade at all.

The upgrade was offered by your Ubuntu base. Your Ubuntu base will have been upgraded from bionic (18.04) to focal correctly.

Only the Lubuntu desktop, which changed from LXDE (bionic) to LXQt (cosmic and later) has minor issues due to the change, thus why Lubuntu recommended the re-install.

Underneath the Lubuntu desktop exists the same Ubuntu base found in other flavors of Ubuntu, plus main Ubuntu itself; it will have correctly upgraded.


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