2 years using Lubuntu and seeing only 2 problems (not related with Lubuntu)

Thanks for read my topic.
I using Lubuntu since 2020. Very good Ubuntu distro.
I only see 2 problems.

1 ) BTRFS using dm-writeback. If happen an partial written from write cache and after an power failure has chance of damage the file system at point not being possible recovering. Not is an Lubuntu related problem, but only sharing the information.

2 ) SANE.
I have an “old” Canon LPT scanner.
In SANE compatibility list has that scanner.
I have edited the SANE configuration files to enable LPT scanner access, but when trying use Skanlite is showed “sorry not scanner found”.
I never saw Skanlite working.
Is required allow LPT access to Skanlite or SANE ?
For USB scanner only starting Skanlite is listed the scanner ?

I not see problem if is possible or not use wayland. Lubuntu is an very good distro and fast enough.

Thanks for your reply.

LXQt is the Lightweight [Xorg] Qt desktop; designed and intended for operation with Xorg.

Wayland is an open issue with a testing version of LWQt mentioned in that thread; Lubuntu uses the stable LXQt.

Sorry I can’t help with the scanner; I don’t have any scanning device.

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All right with you ?
Thanks for your reply.
Have an nice night.

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