19.10 install bug?

I’m reinstalling 19.10 (playing with a new laptop). When I reached the “Partitions” section, there was an option to “Replace a partition (19.10)”. But, the “continue” button remained grayed out when I checkmarked that option.

There’s also an “Erase disk” which basically does the same thing (I assume). I chose that. Not a problem. But, intuitively it seemed like what I literally wanted to do is replace 19.10. So, that didn’t seem to work the way I expected.

Maybe “Replace” means upgrade (maybe upgrading 19.10 to 19.10 isn’t valid). It seems like the installer shouldn’t make that option available if shouldn’t be selected (won’t let you continue).

No problem though. It might confuse a new user. I just wanted to mention it.

Replacing a partition requires you to select a partition before continuing, even if there is only one partition.

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