19.04, 19.10, 20.04: Why do I get 100+ Asian fonts, but only Liberation and Ubuntu as Latin fonts?

When installing from an official downloaded lubuntu.me ISO DVD, I always get a mountain of Asian fonts installed (Hindi, Thai, Tamil, Vietnamese, you name it), but no Latin fonts except Liberation and Ubuntu.

My selected installation language is always “American English”, my keyboard layout is Danish and my locale is Berlin, Germany (I tried Detroit, Michigan just for the fun of it, but no change).
I always do a clean install, including formatting sda1, sda2 and sda3, which are the partitions I have.

I would expect that with those parameters I’d get a useful font set. I can copy TTF fonts from my Win10 PC and install them with fc-cache of course, but why is that necessary?

Is there any explanation for this behaviour?

Thank You.

OK, just did an experiment:
Live boot from my DVD with no subsequent installation. Language=default (English), keyboard=default (USA).
Opened LibreOffice Writer, and found the hundreds of far east fonts again.
Something is VERY wrong with the lubuntu.me .ISO install image.

How can I report this other than through this forum?

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