18.04 support april 2021

I have a small computer and I discovered Lubuntu 18.04 (32 bit, LXDE) which works very good. I saw that support for Lubuntu 18.04 ends april 2021. Is there a chance to use Lubuntu 18.04 (32 bit) any longer?

The Ubuntu engine under the hood will be supported (with security updates) until April,2023, but the Lubuntu program packages will reach end of life in April 2021 (the date you mention).

So I can recommend that you use Lubuntu in your 32-bit computer until April 2021. After that there is a risk because [the Lubuntu] part of the program packages will no longer receive security updates. You can still continue to use it until April 2023 because the main part of the program packages are still supported, but you should be aware of the risk. (If you do not connect to the internet, there is no risk.)

I have two old computers with 32-bit systems (a laptop and a netbook), that I have only used for testing during the last few years. When the Ubuntu family will no longer provide iso files for those computers, I will start looking for other linux distros for them. But bear in mind, that the 32-bit computers are getting very old and slow with today’s bloated web sites. This link to an Ubuntu Forums thread may be helpful in order to decide what to do with your old computer.


Thank you very much for your helpful information! :+1:
I’m going to think about how to proceed.

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Debian is upstream, and seems to be inclined to support 32bit for a while longer. There are also BSD distros that support 32bit very well. Both actual Debian and a lot of BSDs can be difficult to deal with, but not impossible if you dig into them.

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